3 Ways to Get Bargain Deals When Flipping Houses

By Jeff Logue

If you desire to start flipping houses full time, then you must learn how to continuously find great deals. Regardless of what you may have heard, there are always enough deals out there for everyone. However, in order to find great bargain properties, you need to know where to look for them. This is what separates those who flip houses for a hobby from those who turn house flipping into a business. Therefore, I am going to share 3 specific methods I have used throughout my investing career that have produced huge results.

1.  County Records 

private money directory for flipping houses local and nationwideThis is one of my favorite ways to find bargain deals, because the leads are nearly endless. Imagine being able to build a targeted list of prospects from the comfort of your own home, sometimes even for free! In a lot of cases, counties will have public information accessible online, for you to either browse or download at your leisure. This includes everything from delinquent taxes to probate cases, and there is always new information to collect. On the other hand, if their system is a little more archaic, you can always take the trip down to these offices or hire someone to do it for you. Also, be sure you have your private funding in place to buy the property.

2.  Online Services 

Similar to the county records, online services provide you another opportunity to quickly and easily obtain public information for very little time and effort. For example, there are companies such as Sales Team Live or Realquest that you can pay a fee for extremely quality leads, without having to do any of the grunt work to find them. Although you will have to pay a little more out of pocket, you know that you are receiving very targeted lists of prospects, which increases your likelihood of finding solid deals for flipping houses. Therefore, you should quickly earn back your investment 10-fold.

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3.  Signs 

Instead of looking for prospects, have them come to you. Especially if you have very little money to start flipping houses, this is an excellent way to generate loads of leads for very little cash investment. Simply purchase some corrugated plastic signs along with “H” style stakes to place in the ground, and start your automatic generation machine. Include a very short message about what you are offering (i.e. We Buy Houses for Cash), and a direct phone number where they can reach you. Although this is not the most targeted method, massive action will always yield results.

Whether TV programs such as “Flip This House” inspired you, or you have been studying books and other investing information online, be sure to continually educate yourself with fresh, new content.

Flipping houses may seem easy, but just like any business, it takes hard work and dedication. In order to make it big in the house flipping business, you will need to test marketing methods such as these and much more. Continue to study what works best in your area, and then implement a plan to carry it out.

Jeff Logue is a full time real estate investor and expert in house flipping strategies.

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