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“Getting leads or deals without money is like drinking water without a glass. You’ve got the deal flow but can’t hold on to it.”

– David Czach


Who Else Wants to
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It’s been said, “Niches are Riches.” And this is one niche that can fatten your wallet. A membership in our mobile-ready online Private Money Directory is a “no brainer” for anyone flipping houses.

But many Real Estate Agents and Mortgage Brokers overlook this gem. It’s simple…

  • RE Agents list vacant houses then do a quick “dog and pony show” at the REI and MeetUp meetings to sell the houses and let the investors know you also have private money contacts;
  • Mortgage Brokers contact the private lenders and investors to arrange a broker or banker relationship like you already have with several other lenders. Then promote you have money available for “flipping houses investors.”

Whether you’re a Real Estate Agent or Mortgage Broker working the REI Marketing Strategy or a Real Estate Investor flipping houses, access to this mobile-ready online Private Money Directory is for you.

With over 200 private local and national lenders/investors inside, you’re bound to find someone to fund your deal.

After you join and check your email for your password, you can login and you will see this…

private money directory

You can also click ‘Advanced Search’ and do a search based on your state and other criteria to narrow it down quickly. Who else wants to discover over 200 private money lenders and investors right now?

  • up to 100% rehab funding
  • up to 90% LTV-ARV

Start searching now to fatten your wallet with this outstanding niche.

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